I'm a gangsta, but y'all knew that


It's been too long, I miss you much! The past couple weeks have been filled with unwanted colds and super fun gigs. I played two gigs at Ric's Bar and Cafe in Fortitude Valley this week, two gigs! WHAT EVEN!? I asked my friends to take a few photos to post so y'all could see me doing my thang, my phone was returned to me with 291 new photos. Some of me, some extreme close ups of my friends faces. All beautiful. Here are that won't get me yelled at by my roommates. But seriously, thankyou to my friends who came down to watch me on these nights,I know you have very busy lives and many other things you could be doing, so I really, truly appreciate it. And I promise to bring cookies every time from now on to show how much I love your cheers.

I've also been working on some covers that you guys suggested a little while ago, the first one features the line "I'm a gangsta, but y'all knew that", what could it be? It of course sounds very autobiographical for me. I'm really looking forward to shaking up a few more songs with my own twist in the coming weeks, you can look out for them on Wednesday nights every week. I'll also be uploading some super fun videos of me as a humanoid, so you can get to know me as a person as well as me as a musician, double know. In these videos, I'll be answering Q&As if you want, so if you have any krazy kuestions (I'm already hating myself for those two words, sorry Nanna) please submit them to the comments! Or send me a message! Or send me a carrier pigeon, whichever floats your boat my pretties.

I've been writing, writing, writing lately, songs too, not just assignments. So if you would like to hear them make sure you come on down to my upcoming shows to tell me what you think! I'm really super happy with life right now and I hope you are too. As a famous philosopher (Grace Shuttleworth) once said to me "Keep you neck red and your hair curly and you'll be just fine kiddo". Words to live and breathe by!

Until rednecks time kids,
sending my country lovin to all of you
Hayley x

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