Still getting EVEN

Oh hey, remember when I wasn't just a massive massive slacko? yeah me either.

I promise blogs and fun things are coming back!

The first half of this year has been full on hella crazy! I have never been so tired, stressed, on the verge of mental breakdown and mostly happy, in the history of ever. 

So as I'm hoping most of you know, I released my first EP even this year, in April to be exact. Everything leading up to then was a whirlwind of signing off on mixes, artwork, event details, press releases, promo interviews and band practice. It was crazy in the best way possible, I love being busy and those months were ones I got up at 6:30am and started work on the EP stuff, then went to uni or an intern-ship or work and then came back home and practice for the launches.

But as we know now, iI did no have a mental breakdown and in a huge big wonderful surprise, we sold out both of the launch shows!!! So thank you to everyone who came to either or both again, it made sharing Even, even more special. 

Just playing a spot of gutiar hero


My wonderous band



After Even came out I had a bunch of shows all over the place, Gladstone, Brisbane, Redcliffe, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, my bedroom. I was a non-stop driving, country music maniac. But it was so great to get to meet a bunch of new friends and new faces. 

Slowly but surely the single, Storm in a D Cup is climbing up the country airplay charts, it's currently sitting at about 60, so let's get behind it and push it up to the top 40 this month, hopefully! 

The music video came out for Storm too! it was so awesome to shoot with Wezzy Cruze, he is such a super star talent and he made me look good. Fun fact, the day we shot the front cover of Even was the hottest day of the year in 2014, yeah it was really fun to get in and out of those leather pants, in the backyard of the place we shot, no dressing rooms or fancy stuff here! The day we shot the video I had serious windburn on my lips and I could hardly move them, really great for when you're trying to mime your song. But regardless of that it turned out so great! Thank you all for your support and kind words, every little niceness you say makes my whole day.

Since Even came out I visited Tamworth for the first time! I headed down for the wonderfulness that is/was the DAG Songwriters Retreat and met some of the best people I have ever known. It was 5 days of non-stop song writing, singing and country music. I LOVED IT! All up I wrote 7 songs in 5 days and I'm so excited to share some with you guys on the next record, which is pretty much half written now...

I'm now currently planning my tour dates for next year after I graduate and also for my first Tamworth Country Music Festival! So stay tuned and if there's anywhere in particular you want me to travel to on the GET EVEN TOUR next July, let me know! 

I'll be doing a track by track here on the website every week for the next five weeks for every song on the EP, spilling the secrets on how I wrote it, what inspired it and everything in between, recording and producing etc!

I can also reveal that the next single will be out in January and will have another kick-ass video with it, what do you think it is?!?!?!!

Sending SO MUCH LOVE to you all, I am so grateful for all you've helped me to achieve this year, this is a total team effort and I can say wholeheartedly, I have the best team in you all.



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