Brisbane 'Lonestar' Launch

Leftys Old Time Music Hall, 15 Caxton Street, Brisbane

“Sweetheart, I ain’t playing second fiddle.”

It’s the opening declaration on Hayley Marsten’s brassy second release, and a statement you’d be a fool to doubt. The Queensland songwriter and purveyor of bold country music is older and wiser on Lonestar, which is at once playful and deeply personal.

Marsten has moved past the heartache that permeated her debut release, Even, and through collaboration with acclaimed artists, such as Lyn Bowtell and Aleyce Simmonds, has brought a more mature songwriter and performer to the surface. The marriage of feisty tracks like opener ‘Second Fiddle’ and the stark reflection of ‘Coming Home’, proves a potent combination. Playful defiance, strength, fun and resilience flow throughout each song.

Hayley will be launching ‘Lonestar’ in Brisbane at Leftys Old Time Music Hall on June 14th with Brad Butcher & Arna Georgia.